Blephasol DUO 100ml Lotion & 100 Pads

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Blephasol, Blephasol Duo and Blephaclean are either lotion and wipes which is recommended for the daily hygiene of the eyelids of blepharitis suffers. Blephasol works by removing impurities, dried secretions, stains and make-up from the base of the eyelashes and eyelids. Key Features: Free from detergents Preservative-freeGently cleanses without irratating the eyes or damaging the outer layers of the epidermis (the epidermis protects the skin from harsh external elements such as the sun, cold, sweat, allergens and various pollutants). Non-greasy Fragrance-free Blephasol does not need to be rinsed after use.It works by softening secretion so they can be removed easily. It has a temperature test strip on the box that indicates when the mask is at the right temperature for placing over the eyelids.


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