Carnation Chiropody Felt Adhesive 5mm

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Carnation Chiropody Felt, comprises one sheet of self adhesive wool felt which is easily cut to shape to provide relief from pressure and pain on sensitive areas of the feet. Hypoallergenic adhesive formulated for sensitive skin. This product is part of the Carnation range of medicated and non medicated products carefully researched and designed for the treatment and protection of feet. Easily cut to shape 5mm medical grade Self-adhesive felt As used by chiropodists


Relief is likely to be best given by taking weight off the sensitive area by applying the pad either behind or in front of the area. Ensure skin is clean and dry. Cut felt to the required shape. Peel off backing paper and apply pad firmly to the skin. Change daily or as necessary. Diabetics should seek professional medical advice before using any footcare product.

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