Cura-Heat Arthritis Knee Pain Relief Pack of 4

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Cura-Heat Arthritis Pain for Knee is a self-heating system which stays in place over the knee area delivering deep, comforting heat for up to 8 hours to provide targeted, temporary relief to arthritis pain.With no need for preparation, just open the Cura-Heat sachet and insert the heat pack into the wrap pockets. The comforting heat can help relieve the pain and aches associated with arthritis in the joint area by increasing blood circulation. Non-medicinal, portable and discreet, they are ideal to use wherever you are.


Place the elasticated wrap over the knee area ensuring that the elasticated rim is above the knee and the Cura-Heat logo faces the front. Open the Cura-Heat sachet by hand (do not cut with scissors) and remove the heat pack. Insert one heat pack only into the wrap pocket on both sides of the knee. HEAT PACKS SHOULD ALWAYS BE INSERTED INTO THE WRAP POCKETS. There are suff

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