Cura-Heat Back & Shoulder Pain Relief Patches Pack of 7

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Cura-Heat Back & Shoulder Pain's heat action lasts for 12 hours and once removed the pain relief can continue for a further 12 hours resulting in up to 24 hours pain relief.Simply open the sachet and apply to clothing/ underwear where the heat radiates through to the source of pain - decreasing stiffness,improving mobility and relaxing tense aching muscles.Non-medicinal, fragrance free and with a thin discreet design, Cura-Heat provides a convenient way to manage your back and shoulder pain.


Open the sachet by hand (do not cut with scissors) and remove the heat patch. Peel away the paper strip. Adhere to the clothing/ underwear over the painful area. The heat patch activates within 1 minute and will heat up within 5 minutes once the sachet has been opened. After use slowly peel off the heat patch and then dispose with normal household waste (do not incinerate the heat patch

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