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Daktarin Aktiv Cream Treatment for Athlete's Foot:Daktarin Aktiv Cream is a medicine which is used to effectively treat and relieve Athlete's Foot. The cream contains miconazole nitrate which works by destroying both the fungus that causes the infection and some of the associated bacteria which may also be present. It also has moisturising properties to help soothe cracked, red skin caused by Athlete's Foot.This medicine is for use in adults and children of all ages.Daktarin Aktiv Cream contains miconazole nitrate and is for the treatment of athlete's foot. Always read the label.


Directions How to use Daktarin Aktiv Cream: - Adults and children should clean and dry the affected area thoroughly. - Apply Daktarin Aktiv Cream twice daily to the affected area. - Continue treatment for one weeks after signs of infection have cleared. PLEASE READ ALL PRODUCT PACKAGING A

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