Dulcolax 10mg Suppositories

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Dulcolax 10mg Suppositories help to relieve constipation. This treatment is recommended for people over the age of 10 years. It works by stimulating bowel muscles, which subsequently relieves constipation. This is mostly attributed to bisacodyl – an active ingredient in Ducolax, that is categorized as a laxative.  

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Seek medical advice if:   You are pregnant, plan on being pregnant, or breastfeeding. You are allergic to any of the ingredients in this medicine (e.g. Bisacodyl). You suffer from ileus. You are struggling with severe abdominal conditions like appendicitis. You have swollen small or large intestine. You are on other medications. You overdose on the drug. You have anal fissures or inflammations around your anal passage. Struggling with intestinal obstructions   Kindly read the information contained in the leaflet for more guidance.


This drug is meant for adults and children aged 10 years and above. Take one suppository each day for a period not exceeding 5 days. Here are steps on how to insert it: Unwrap it from the foil. Get a good position that will allow you to insert the suppository into your anal passage. Carefully push the suppository as far as you can into your anus and make sure it touches your bowel. Leave it in that position for half an hour and resist the urge of emptying your bowel within this duration. Push the suppository deeper if it tries coming out during the 30 minutes wait time. Note: These suppositories have a pointed end that is meant to go into your anal opening first.   This helps you insert them with ease – without a struggle.


Active ingredient: Bisacodyl is the active ingredient in this treatment. Size (10) Unit (EA) Height (11.8) Width (6.2) Depth (2.2)

Side Effects

Not everyone will experience side effects. However, they include the following: Abdominal cramps Pain or discomfort Diarrhoea Nausea Seek medical advice in case you experience any other severe adverse effects you suspect could be a result of you using this treatment.

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