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Boost energy levels fast Sports EnthusiastsFuel your energy for a quick performance boost before and during high endurance activity.It is recommended to take two GLUCOTABS or one bottle of GLUCOJUICE 10-15mins prior to participating in highendurance activity lasting for 30mins or longer, continue as required every 30mins. People with Active LifestylesStimulate your mind and body to stay on top of your active demands.It is recommended to take one bottle of GLUCOJUICE if you are feeling fatigued or tired during the dayand you need to stay fresh and alert to keep up with your busy schedule.Products are frequently used on the go, therefore the robust, light and pocket size packaging makesGLUCOJUICE easy to carry and consume. These compact energy boosters helps promote that ‘feel good factor’ raising energylevels, prompting confidence and drive to carry on. Boost sugar levels fast People with DiabetesSelf-manage to treat mild hypoglycaemia and regulate blood sugar levels. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE)guidelines recommend that 10-20g of fast acting carbohydrates is taken to initially treat hypoglycaemia - this means you shouldtake between three and five GLUCOTABS or one bottle of GLUCOJUICE to treat mild hypoglycaemia, and repeat 10-15minutes later if needed.“The first step to treatment of low blood sugar, or hypoglycaemia, should be glucose because it’s the mostquickly digested form of sugar and will raise blood glucose levels rapidly”Professor Anthony Barnett, Professor of Medicine and Consultant Physician, University of Birmingham, and Head of Endocrine and Diabetes Services, Heart of England NHSFoundation Trust.Products are used as a trusted, emergency treatment, therefore the robust, easy to open packaging makesGLUCOJUICE perfect to carry for long durations and consume quickly when needed. These potential life saving sugar boostershave clearly marked dosages on pack so patients can confidently manage their condition, providing reassurance and peace of mind. Give yourself a BOOST when you need it MOST!GLUCOJUICE is the ultimate in FAST ACTING glucose to give your body a BOOST! Frequently Asked Questions Where can I buy GLUCOTABS & GLUCOJUICE?From leading high street and online pharmacy retailers nationwide. What is the main ingredient in GLUCOTABS & GLUCOJUICE?Fast-acting carbohydrates, mainly in the form of dextrose (glucose) is the main ingredient (4g per tablet/ 15g perbottle). Fast acting carbohydrates absorb quicker than complex sugars like sucrose, fructose and sucralose. How do I consume GLUCOTABS & GLUCOJUICE?GLUCOTABS are taken orally by chewing thoroughly before swallowing. GLUCOJUICE is a non carbonated drink thatcan be taken as a normal drink for a shot of energy. Should I test my blood glucose before consuming GLUCOTABS & GLUCOJUICE?If you have diabetes it is always best to check your blood glucose before consuming GLUCOTABS or GLUCOJUICEto confirm your blood glucose is low and that you need to consume extra carbohydrates. If you are feeling tired beforea workout or if you are just looking for that extra energy boost there is no need to test blood glucose levels. Theproducts may be consumed as per your normal energy or sports product. Who should use GLUCOTABS & GLUCOJUICE?People with diabetes as a first line hypo treatment, sports enthusiasts and people with active lifestyles. Are GLUCOTABS & GLUCOJUICE suitable for vegetarians and vegans?Yes. Are GLUCOTABS & GLUCOJUICE caffeine, sodium and gluten free?Yes. What is fast acting glucose, and why is it so effective?Glucose is a simple sugar and is used as an energy source in organisms, from bacteria to humans. Glucose is yourbody’s main source of energy. The brain and nerves depend upon normal sugar levels to function properly. When bloodsugar is out of normal balance, many types of symptoms develop because nearly all tissues in the body depend on itto function. Dextrose is a type of glucose and is used by the body’s cells for food. GLUCOTABS & GLUCOJUICE to the rescue!Dextrose can be used immediately by your cells. Other sugars, such as sucrose, have to be broken down by thebody before they can be absorbed which means they don’t act as quickly. Dextrose is highest on the glycaemic index,meaning it will cause your blood glucose levels to rise rapidly - this is why it is widely recommended by healthcareprofessionals and championed by sports enthusiasts.


Available in delicious Berry Burst flavour 15g of measured fast acting glucose per 60ml bottle - clearly labelled Unique caffeine free glucose drink Non carbonated still liquid - easily digested Hygienically sealed - perfect for handbags and sports bags Compact size, light and easy to carry for on the go activities Distinct bottle packaging - easy to open and locate in a hurry 1 60ml bottle = 15g of Fast Acting Glucose No Artificial Colours or Flavourings Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans Sodium, Caffeine & Gluten Free

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