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Hydromol cream is light and gentle to the touch and seals moisture in, helping to smooth the surface of the skin.Hydromol cream contains sodium pyrrolidone carboxylate and acts as a "humectant". Humectants attract water from within the lower layer of the skin (the dermis) into the upper layer of the skin (the epidermis), increasing the water content in the epidermis. When humidity is higher than 70 percent, humectants can also attract water from the atmosphere into the epidermis.Hydromol cream is easily absorbed into the skin, helping to soften dry skin and eczema.Its unique formulation helps restore the skin's natural hydrating properties, positively aiding skin hydration.Available in three sizes, 50g, 100g and a 500g pump dispenser, from all pharmacies.Hydromol cream contains special hydrating ingredients sodium pyrrolidone carboxylate in a light, fragrance-free and easily absorbed cream.This product should be applied as often as possible throughout the day.For use with any condition in which dry skin is a feature - e.g. eczema, psoriasis, and icthyosis.


Please be aware that this product contains Liquid Paraffin which is highly flammable, keep away from open or gas fires or hobs and naked flames, including candles etc. and not to smoke when using these paraffin containing preparations. Bedding and clothing should be washed regularly (preferably daily) to minimise the build-up of impregnated paraffin although it may not be completely removed, unless it is washed at a high temperature as paraffin is invisible and can accumulate over time Always use bath emollient when bathing. Air or pat dry - do not rub - and liberally apply the cream / ointment. Take care when getting in and out of the shower or bath- as for most emollient bath products, Hydromol Bath & Shower Emollient can leave bathroom surfaces more slippery than usual. Even when the skin starts to improve, do not stop using emollient therapy. Never be without the cream / ointment. Take some of your emollient with you wherever you go, and don't wait until you run out to get some more. You can warm or cool the cream / ointment if you need to; it may make it more acceptable to you. Apply the cream / ointment in the direction of hair growth to avoid blocking hair follicles. Take care with naked flames after applying any product containing paraffin liquid or wax.


Apply liberally to the affected area and massage into skin as often as required; it is especially beneficial after bathing. The skin is one whole organ, so you must treat the whole skin surface, not just the affected area. If in doubt, ask your doctor or nurse for advice.


The active ingredient in this medicine is sodium pyrrolidone carboxylate 2.5%. The other ingredients are liquid paraffin, isopropyl myristate, sodium lactate solution, cetomacrogol emulsifying wax, myristyl myristate, macrogol cetostearyl ether, hydroxybenzoates (parabens) (E218, E214, E216), phenoxyethanol and purified water.

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