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Think your symptoms might be caused by allergy? Klarify has made allergy testing at home simple. Discover what your body reacts to with our easy to use home-to-lab test. The test kit includes everything you need to take a small blood sample and send it to their partner lab for analysis. Test 294 different allergens Sophisticated technology Detects allergen specific IgE Precision allergen component testing Comprehensive and reliable results within 2 weeksContains: Alcohol wipes - use to sanitise your finger Plaster - to put on your finger after collecting the blood sample Lancing device - sterile device to prick your fingertip to obtain a small blood sample Sample tube - tube to collect about 6 drops of blood Transport tube - filled sample tube goes into the transport tube. Both tubes are then sealed into the prepaid return envelope for posting to the lab Step-by-step guide - start by reading this guide and the 10 things you need to know on the back Welcome card - includes your unique activation code and instructions how to use it Prepaid return envelope - use this to send your sample to the labIf you’re affected by pollen from grass, trees or weeds, Klarifycan help you track your hay fever symptoms so you can manage your day.Get daily pollen, weather and air quality data for any UK location, together with a 3-day forecast. Receive personalised allergy insights and discover daily tips, useful articles and much more.Available on the App Store and Google Play


Allergies Tested Pollen: Grass Pollen Bahia grass Bermuda grass Common reed Timothy grass Perennial ryegrass Rye Tree Pollen Acacia Arizona cypress Cypress Alder Ash Cottonwood Beech pollen Date Palm Elm Hazel Mountain cedar Mulberry tree London plane tree Olive Silver birch Sugi pollen Walnut Weeping fig Paper mulberry Tree of heaven Weed Pollen Pigweed Ragweed Mugwort Lamb's quarter Cannabis (CBD) Hemp Annual mercury pollen Wall pellitory Ribwort Russian thistle Nettle Foods: Cereals & Seeds Oat Quinoa Buckwheat Barley Lupine seed Rice Millet Cultivated rye Wheat flour Spelt Corn, cereal Corn flour Pumpkin seed Sunflower seed Poppy seed Sesame Fenugreek seed Egg Egg white Egg yolk Milk Camel's milk Cow's milk Goat's milk Mare's milk Sheep's milk Fruit Kiwi Papaya Orange Melon Fig Strawberry Apple Mango Banana Cherry Peach Pear Blueberry Grape Legumes And Nuts Peanut Chickpea Soy Lentil White bean Pea Cashew Brazil nut Pecan Hazel nut Walnut Macadamia Pistachio Almond Sea Food Anisakis simplex Crab Atlantic herring Brown shrimp Carp Atlantic cod Lobster Shrimp mix Squid Common mussel Oyster Northern prawn Scallop Black tiger shrimp Thornback ray Venus clam Salmon Atlantic mackerel Tuna Swordfish Spices Anise Caraway Mustard Oregano Paprika Parsley Meat House cricket Beef Horse Chicken Migratory locust Turkey Rabbit Lamb Pork Mealworm Vegetables Onion Garlic Celery Carrot Avocado Potato Tomato Pets: Cat Dog Horse Sheep Cattle Goat Mouse Pig Djungarian hamster Guinea pig Rabbit Rat Moulds &Yeast: Alternaria alternata Aspergillus fumigatus Cladosporium herbarum Penicilium chrysogenum Malassezia sympodialis Baker's yeast Mites: American house dust mite European house dust mite Acarus siro Blomia tropicalis Glycyphagus domesticus Tyrophagus putrescentiae Lepidoglyphus destructor Hymenoptera Venoms: Hymenoptera Venoms Fire Ant Wasp Long-headed wasp venom Paper wasp venom Common wasp venom Bee Honey bee venom Other: Other Latex Cockroach American Cockroach German Cockroach Parasite Pigeon tick German Cockroach


1. Get everything ready Set aside about 30 minutes Unpack the box onto a clean surface Remove the light brown cap from the sample tube Stand the tube upright in the box 2. Wash your hands Wash your hands for 2 - 3 minutes in warm water to get the blood flowing Dry your hands thoroughly after washing 3. Clean your fingertip Use an alcohol wipe to sanitise one of your middle or ring fingers 4. Open the lancing device Twist the tip of the lancing device to remove the cap 5. Position and activate the lancing device Don't worry, you won't see a needle Place the tip of the lancing device at the side of the cleaned fingertip Press your fingertip against the device until it's activated 6. Fill the sample tube to the mark Remove the first drop of blood with another alcohol wipe Gently massage your finger and let the blood drip into the tube Fill to the top line, approx. 6 drops. It may take several minutes Put the plaster on your finger 7. Nearly finished! Push the light brown cap firmly back onto the sample tube Let it rest upright for 15 minutes 8. Pack and post Place the filled sample tube into the transport tube Put the transport tube into the prepaid envelope 9. Activate your test online Activate your test at uk.klarify.me/activate-test using your unique code from the welcome card Within two weeks after posting your sample, you'll receive an email to let you know that your results are ready online

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