Liquifilm Tears Eye Drops Preservative-free 0.4ml Pack of 30

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Symptomatic relief of dry eye and symptomatic relief of eye irritation associated with deficient tear production.What is it used for? Dry eye conditions. Dryness of the eye surface (cornea) and lining of the eye socket (conjunctiva) due to reduced tear production (keratoconjunctivitis sicca).


If irritation, pain, redness and changes in vision occur or worsen, treatment should be discontinued and a new assessment considered. To avoid contamination, the dropper tip should not be allowed to touch the eye or any other surface.


Ensure container is intact. Twist off tab and apply eyedrops. Dosage schedule: Apply one or two drops in each eye as needed, or as directed. No special dosage for the elderly or for children.


Clear, colourless to slightly yellow sterile ophthalmic solution in a single use 0.4ml container, containing polyvinyl alcohol 1.4% and povidone 0.6%

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