Naturalgel Insoles Size 3 - 5

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Naturalgel uses a sequential shock absorber patented design which cushions impacts while walking or running, reducing pressure on joints in general, giving a feeling of well-being and maximum comfort. Exclusive breathing system in the –TERMOCREP GEL®– of the insoles. “The Gel that Breathes”.Indications:Relief from and prevention of injuries related to pain from impacts. Especially recommended to protect your feet, knees and lower back.Breathability:System patented with an exclusive breathable gel, which together with the technical fabric Tecnion, always allows feet to be dry and 100% odour free. Flexible structure Non-slip Sequential shock absorber Breathable


In order to fit the insole correctly, it is recommended measuring it with the original insole or cutting it one size bigger until perfectly fitted. In hot weather it can be used without socks to always keep your feet fresh and dry.

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