Nicorette® Cools 2mg Lozenge Nicotine Icy Mint 20 Lozenges (Stop Smoking Aid)

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This product strength is suitable for those smoking 20 or less cigarettes a day. Nicorette cools 2mg lozenge is used to relieve/and or prevent withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings you get when you try to stop smoking or when cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke. It provides a safer alternative to smoking for both the individual and those around them.Ideally you should aim to stop smoking. However, Nicorette cools 2mg lozenge can be used in a number of ways, either to completely replace all your cigarettes, or if you do not feel ready to stop smoking completely, to replace certain cigarettes and therefore help you cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke. It may also help increase your motivation to quit.Nicorette Cools 2mg Lozenge contains Nicotine. Stop smoking Aid. Requires willpower. Always read the label.


For adults and children aged 12 years and over. Do not exceed the stated dose.


Place lozenge in your mouth and allow to dissolve.Use 1 lozenge when required, usually 8 - 12 lozenges per day.Do not use more than 15 lozenges per day.

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