Profoot Soft Gel Multi Use Gel Padding

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Profoot SoftGel Multi-Use Gel Padding is made using cutting-edge polymer gel technology. The padding cushions and protects any area where the skin is threatened by pressure and friction.The Gel Padding conforms to the contours of your body and offers greater reduction of friction than traditional foams and felts, and can be either applied to the skin or to the inside of footwear.Unlike traditional foams and felts, thisMulti-Use Gel Padding is enriched with moisturising mineral oil which, if placed gel-side to the skin, helps soften and prevent corns and calluses. Reduces pressure and rubbing Can be cut to any shape Self-adhesive backing Sticks to either foot or shoe Cushioning comfort Used by chiropodists worldwide


Clean and dry your foot. Cut the Gel Padding to the desired shape using sharp scissors. Peel off the backing paper. Apply Padding to either the skin or to the inside of your footwear, make sure to press firmly.

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