VibraCool Massaging Ice Therapy Elbow/Wrist 20"

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While ice decreases pain and inflammation, it can also decrease blood flow and stiffen muscles. Adding massage improves blood flow, enhancing the removal of lactic acid, cytokines and injured tissue, while vibrational massage reduces pain and loosens stiff muscles.VibraCoolMassaging Ice Therapy is a reusablepain device,from aches to injuries to athletic training,VibraCoolprovides alternative drug-free pain relief. It overwhelms the pain nerves with neutral sensations of cold and vibration, with a strap that keeps the unit in place even with activity.Patented Cool-Pulse™ Technology: Ice decreases inflammation Vibration increases blood flow Vibration improves mobility One touch, 10-minute therapy Intense massaging vibration No messy creams or wires Wearable compression strap keeps unit in place during low impact activity


For aches and injuries, place VibraCooldirectly on the site for 10 - 20 minutes with both ice and vibration activated for relief on contact. Put VibraCool into neoprene pouch. Secure frozen icepack under strap where you hurt. Activate vibration.

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