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Xailin Fresh Eye Drops are for use when your eyes become red and sore, begin to itch, feel gritty or you feel burning then you have probably developed a dry eye sensation, which needs relief with Xailin Fresh Preservative Free Single Dose Units. Carmellose, the lubricating ingredient alleviates the symptoms of dry eye sensation with its soothing drop. Xailin Fresh may also be used as contact lens hydrating solution.


This product is for external ophthalmic use only. Do not swallow. Do not use if the vial is broken. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Consult your doctor, pharmacist or optician if you are pregnantor breastfeeding. If you are unsure about how to use Xailin Fresh talk to yourdoctor, pharmacist or optician. If your condition persists please consult your doctor, pharmacistor optician. Do not touch the tip of the vial with your eye or any surface. Discard the single dose unit after first opening. Do not share Xailin Fresh Eye Drops with any other person. Leave at least 30 minutes between administrations of any otherophthalmic drugs. Xailin Fresh Eye Drops can cause blurring of vision afterapplication. Wait until your vision is clear before driving orusing machines.


Detach the vial to be used. To open, twist and pull the tab to remove. Tilt your head backwards and look upwards. Gently pull down the lower lid of the eye, insert one drop of Xailin Fresh into the gap between your eye and eyelid and blink a few times to spread the drops evenly over the surface of the eye. Repeat the process for the other eye if you have been told to use Xailin Fresh in both eyes. Discard the vial after single use. The usual dosage is 1 drop to be instilled 2 to 4 times a day as needed or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. You can also apply 1 to 2 drops directly on to the contact lens before application. Your healthcare practitioner may advise you to use this product in a different way, so follow their directions about when and how to use this product and read the label. No dosage adjustment is required in children.


Active Ingredient: Carmellose Sodium 0.5% w/v. Other Ingredients:Sodium Chloride, Calcium Chloride Dihydrate, PotassiumChloride, Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate, Sodium LactateSolution, Sodium Hydroxide, Hydrochloric Acid and Water forInjection.

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