Your Health, Your Community, Your Pharmacy

The Hyperchem Group was founded in 1984 and still exists as a family-run business responsible for the operation of a chain of 7 Independent Community Pharmacies, employing over 40 members of staff.

Since the foundation, constant and unwavering commitment to providing the best healthcare and retail services within the Community Pharmacy sector has remained at the forefront of our development and growth. This ethos is embedded within the company and reflected through our expert and friendly staff who are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that every customer is satisfied.

As the future of Community Pharmacy changes in the UK, we strive to be leaders in that change, rather than followers, by providing excellent healthcare services and maximising patient benefits through strong relationships with patients. It is this approach that sets us apart and ensures that any individual using our services will experience an unparalleled level of assistance, advice and care.


Think Pharmacy First!

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